Grama Blend UK has been led over the past few years by Steve Watts, he is the 3rd generation of the Watts family that has created an outstanding business by supplying beautiful natural stone.  Steve is the son of John Watts a seasoned professional of natural stone installation, John first learnt his trade whilst working with his father George Watts and both specialised in the supply and installation of Terrazzo flooring and traditional marble installation and repairs many of which can still be seen across London today.  John Watts although semi-retired has the position as Chairman of the Grama Blend UK organisation.  This experience over 3 generations together with the modern techniques patented by Grama Blend result in both outstanding products, prefabrication and installation of lightweight natural stone. Grama Blend is an internationally renowned company, dedicated to providing its customers with beautiful luxury products formed from lightweight natural stone. Constantly innovating and inspiring trends, Grama Blend has long-standing relationships with leading stone quarries, block and slab suppliers worldwide.