Sexy Fish

Sexy Fish

Sexy Fish is an Asian restaurant and bar located on the corner of Berkeley Square, Mayfair, London.

Designed by Martin Brudnizki Design Studio, a wild green onyx was selected for the flooring.
Although some areas of the building could take the weight of solid conventional 20mm stone, others areas required super lightweight stone, Grama Blend was asked to help out in these areas and convert the clients 20mm solid stone into Grama Blend’s unique patented ultra-lightweight stone panels. The clients own onyx was supplied to Grama Blend UK free issue to ensure all the onyx was constant and sourced from the same block. The result is a seamless mix solid Onyx and Grama Blend lightweight ultra-thin Onyx panels, visually there is no difference and with the Grama Blend, systems stone was installed to areas not possible in 20mm stone.

Sexy Fish is one of Londons must-visit restaurants, be warned you usually need to book far in advance. Why not book a table and see the stunning stonework and interior design for yourself, you won’t be disappointed in either.

Just a few of the ultra-lightweight onyx panels produced. Weight Approx. 13kg per sqm. Thickness, only 8.5mm (3.5mm stone on 5mm Grama Blend carrier).

Green Onyx Slabs, Solid Stone: 20mm thick, Weight Approx. 60kg per sqm.