Outstanding Quality


We outperform your expectations

The conversion of massive conventional stone with modern technology and a lot of dedication to huge and thin panels is an art that we brought to perfection during the past 20 years. But that is not everything we can do for you. As a full-service marble company, we assist you and your team during the whole building process and in every phase of your project.

Beginning with a first concept, design and planning, we take care of material selection and then the manufacturing process with its industrial production and handcrafted manufacturing. A preassembly of units and product solutions is carried out in the factory leading to the installation on site. The result: a turn-key product solution for you, our client, to your full satisfaction.

If your project is a yacht, an airplane, a RV motor home, Buildings and Residences and office building with elevators and surroundings, or an exclusive residence, GRAMA BLEND is your professional partner. Our turn-key service also helps you to reduce your costs of coordination across the whole project.