The world’s most skilled stone craftsmen

Although man has been working with marble and other natural materials since the beginning of civilisation, producing ultra-thin lightweight large format panels which are safe from breakage is a relatively new process.  Mastered by Grama Blend with the patented design, production process and backing carriers, combined with our own bonding process offer an unrivalled lightweight natural stone solution in marble, onyx, limestone and granite.

Crafting beautiful, high-quality lightweight natural stone elements requires the expertise of world-class tradesmen. Although technology today has replaced the actions of many hand tools, it still takes a team of master craftsman to fabricate and finish each order to the expected quality level, the detailed products of lightweight ultrathin marble, granite, onyx and semi-precious stone that often has intricate custom edge profiles seamlessly combined with lightweight stone.

At Grama Blend the world’s most skilled craftsmen know the attributes of each individual stone and use their talents to bring out the unique beauty of each.

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