Backlit Onyx

Backlit onyx solutions which are totally frameless and also lightweight, ultra-thin, and supplied as plug and play units which can be installed and up and running in hours.

Featuring ultra-thin translucent onyx which is only 4mm thick and bonded to our lightweight diffuser carrier, which is combined with our patented edge to edge-lit LEDs and our unique fast mount fixing solutions.
Safe from breakage, and all possible thanks to advanced design and production technology.

Ready to Install Backlit Onyx

Large format backlit onyx stone features, supplied with integrated lighting and fixings.

No need for heavy frames or complicated systems as our backlit onyx comes with its own minimal fixings allowing for quick and easy installation.

Ultra-thin: from 30mm total thickness, including.
Translucent Onyx
Diffuser Panel
Edge to Edge Lighting
Fixing Plate and Fixings

Advantages of Lightweight Backlit Onyx

• Easy handling due to its reduced weight
• Large size installations are possible virtually joint free
• Reduced thickness
• Reduced weight
• Increased flexibility
• Exact measurements produced by water jet cutting
• High product stability, so low risk of breakage
• Easy cutting to size possible both at our factory and on-site
• Large panels with detailed designed delivered in larger pieces for quick installation
• Simple processing using conventional stone tools either wet and dry


Onyx Selection for Backlighting

Premium onyx selection, whatever your needs,
our lightweight onyx can provide the best possible solution.
Our expertise extends from the stone selection of the finest onyx working within your budget, through to stone design to ensure your project is finished to the highest possible quality.

Lightweight Backlit Onyx Fabrication

Highly complex stone fabrication is possible using Grama Blend lightweight onyx solutions, including stone finishing details and stone edging. All created using our state of the art production, using the latest CNC and waterjet stone processing technology in our facility, it guarantees the highest levels of precision and quality.