The following information refers to the production of GRAMA BLEND® panels made of natural stone supplied by the customer.


With the ever-increasing use of natural stone within interior projects, combined with the demand for more complex applications of natural stone, genuine lightweight ultra-thin stone offers our clients new possibilities to meet the expectations and visions of their clients, interior designers and architects.

When the majority of stone on a project is in traditional solid format, there are often concerns about the weight, thickness and fragile nature of the solid stone for use on certain areas of the project, lightweight ultra-thin stone offers vast advantages over traditional stone, reducing weight, thickness and installation times, while increasing flexibility and ease of installation.

When it’s essential for the solid stone and lightweight stone to be consistent in colour, structure and quality, it’s preferable that the solid stone and lightweight are processed from the same blocks of stone. We are pleased to offer the service of transforming our clients own 2cm or 3cm thick traditional stone into our unique patented Grama Blend® lightweight, ultra-thin, large format stone solutions, guaranteeing all the stone on-site will match in colour, structure and quality throughout the project.

Of course, we are also pleased to offer both traditional solid stone and lightweight stone for your project as a turn-key solution.


The following information refers to the production of GRAMA BLEND® panels made of natural stone supplied by the customer.


  • Type of materials: marble, limestone, onyx, granite, and semi-precious stone. Subject to sampling: terrazzo, concrete and porcelain.
  • Material thickness: 20 mm (tolerances allowed: – 1 mm, + 2 mm) the slabs should be calibrated.
  • Slab size: Ideally 2500x1300mm or larger, smaller slabs can be processed but may increase cost and waste. Slab must be oversized to cut list parts required.
  • Surface: Polished, sawn, honed, textured.
  • Quality: Fissure-free, without cracks.
  • Reference/Sample: Ideally sampling before order placement.
  • Quantity: Minimum 1 slab 2cm = 2 GRAMA BLEND®lightweight panels.
  • Cutting waste: Depending on the required cutting dimensions.

Full specification of available lightweight stone processing and product guarantees are available on request. For more information, please contact our sales office on 01491 412455, and we will be pleased to assist you.

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