Lightweight Stone

The new lightness of stone

Real natural stone has an aura of grandness and eternity. It is fascinating with its texture, breathtaking colours, structures and grains. Cut with precision CNC water jet cutting and bonded to our patented lightweight carriers using our exclusive bonding agent, the natural stone becomes, lightweight, ultra-thin, flexible and safe from breakage. On the application the benefits of Grama Blend lightweight stone is compelling.

With large format, lightweight, ultra-thin natural stone panels from Grama Blend, dreams can become a reality which could not be realised with conventional stone.

The latest generation energy efficient lift cars feature reduced weight limits, Grama Blend offers approx. 60% weight saving when compared to conventional 20 and 30mm stone. Applications on walls, floors and ceilings in existing lift car refits, Grama Blend panels reduce running costs and deliver increased efficiently.

Where space is a premium, Grama Blend ultra-thin, lightweight stone delivers a beautiful finish with minimum depth, allowing our stone panels to be fitted over existing surfaces.

Lightweight Stone Panels

Grama Blend stone panels can be templated and cut to size off-site, delivered ready to fit, enabling fast and no hassle installation when you need it. Grama Blend can be installed using a number of tried and tested methods, including both bonded with adhesive and mechanical systems. We offer full technical support for clients wishing to install or can supply our certified craftsman when you need them.

Our Lightweight Stone Work

Above are just a few images of the work created using Grama Blend lightweight ultra-thin natural stone. Book matching is a technique used to enhance the grain of the stone and deliver a stunning mirrored effect. Vanity and countertops can be created to give the impression of heavy thick sculptured units but in fact, they are created using Gram Blend lightweight natural stone with multiple edges detail options. Wall, floor and even ceiling can be brought to life by cladding with Grama Blend products. For more information about our products please contact us via the contact us page of this website.

lightweight stone selection

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