With over 25 years of market-leading experience in Lightweight Stone solutions, we have developed the only true ultra-thin large-format solution, in today’s market. If you are looking for the lightest and thinnest luxury natural stone solution, we can tailor our production to your needs using, marble, granite, quartz, onyx, semi precious-stone, terrazzo, concrete, and porcelain, in our super-sized large format that is truly lightweight and ultra-thin.

If you are looking for stone products that are truly lightweight and ultra-thin then you are in the right place. Our lightweight backing solutions make our products the very best on the market and the only solution that will last just as long as its original counterpart. Our stone craftsman can create finishings that are the best you will find including corners, edging, joining, and more. Take a look at our website and download our brochures for more information on Grama Blend lightweight stone. If you are looking for a custom design we are here to discuss your requirements and can supply pricing from your drawings. Take a look at our Stone Selection to see lightweight marble, lightweight granite and lightweight Onyx.

ultra thin stone


Total Thickness: from 7mm (3mm stone on 4mm Carrier)

lightweight natural stone


Total Weight: from 11kg per sqm, for stone and carrier

certificates for lightweight stone


Grama Blend stone products are awarded fire certifications

stone edging


Natural stone enhanced by beautiful designer stone edge solutions

large format


Panel Sizes: up to 1400mm x 3000mm (4.2 sqm in a single piece)

marble and stone


Marble, Limestone, Onyx, Granite, Semi-Precious, Terrazzo


At Grama Blend we are the only producers of true lightweight stone that is ultra-thin and ideal for many different applications such as lifts, luxury yachts, aircraft, mobile homes, shops, offices, product displays, and much more. We also lead the industry with our wall, floor, and ceiling fixings, and our joining and edge finishes are the best you will see. For more information, please contact us via the contact us page on this website.

Lightweight Stone
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