Lightweight Onyx

Luxury premium onyx transformed into our exclusive lightweight onyx solutions; lightweight, ultra-thin, and available in large format.
With onyx panels as thin as 8mm
From as light at 13kg per sqm
And as large as 1500x3500mm in a single piece without joints.

Incredibly Thin

Large format lightweight onyx produced 1250x2450mm as standard.
With new super-sized panels produced to order up to 1500x3100mm, in a single piece without joints; is possible, thanks to our advanced production technology.

Incredibly light: from 13.5kg per sqm
Ultra-thin: from 8mm


Advantages of Lightweight Onyx

• Easy handling due to reduced weight
• Large size installations possible virtually joint free
• Reduced thickness
• Reduced weight
• Increased flexibility
• Exact measurements produced by water jet cutting
• High product stability – low risk of breakage
• Easy cutting to size possible both at our factory and on-site
• Large panels with detailed designed delivered in larger pieces for quick installation
• Simple processing using conventional stone tools, wet and dry

Lightweight Onyx Fabrication

Highly complex fabrication of premium oxyx is possible using Grama Blend lightweight stone solutions. Created using our state of the art production including the latest CNC and waterjet stone processing technology, it guarantees the highest levels of precision and quality of finish.