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Grama Blend UK

Grama Blend UK lightweight stone works are crafted from the finest raw materials and assembled with scrupulous attention to detail. Every component is designed, developed and produced in-house to the most exacting standards. Grama Blend UK offer a complete range of natural and man-made lightweight stone including lightweight marble, lightweight onyx and lightweight granite to name just a few. Explore the Grama Blend collection of lightweight stone using our stone selector. With Grama Blend advanced production processes and stone engineering, we can offer the world’s lightest, thinnest and strongest large format stone solutions for any application. At Grama Blend we also have developed the leading solution for natural backlit stone which leverages our exclusive translucent stone including our premium translucent marble and translucent onyx. Fabricating most natural stones into a lightweight and ultra-thin format is an art that we have perfected over the past 25 years. Grama Blend is the only true lightweight marble producer in today’s global market, contact us for more information via our contact us page.

grama blend uk light natural stone


We have developed different backing solutions to enable our lightweight natural stone to be used in many different types of installations. Enabling us to offer a product that is thin, lightweight, flexible and the ideal solution for many installations.


We take blocks and slabs of luxury marble in its traditionally bulky and heavy form and transform them into our exclusive patented lightweight marble solutions, which are also ultra-thin, and available in large format. We can now also offer lightweight marble in our super-sized format 1500 x 3100mm in a single piece without joints.

Emperador Grey Lightweight stone yacht interior


Market-leading stone solutions designed exclusively for Super Yachts, Motor Yachts and Sail Yachts. Creating luxury interiors with natural and manmade stone whilst meeting the strict weight requirements and durability demands of a seagoing vessels is what we do best.

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Creating custom ultra-thin lightweight stone works for lift and elevator floors, walls, ceilings and control panels. High-end interior stonework offering the very best quality and level of detail available. ECOLINE is a new range of lightweight natural stone elevator floor panels for car modernisation and new installations, held in stock for quick delivery and offered at trade prices.

White Onyx doors and drawers


Natural stone units incorporating our unique construction process for doors and drawers. These custom units can be made from almost any marble, granite, limestone, and onyx using the Grama Blend process.