Whether you are looking for onyx, marble, granite, limestone or quartz for your next projects, Grama Blend can help. With our lightweight, ultra-thin, large format stone solutions anything is possible. As well as offering our ultra thin lightweight stone, we also provide stone engineering and production planning to ensure the correct process and construction is used for each of our applications. Once you have an idea of which stones you’d like to use, please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your thoughts and ideas.

applications yachts

Yacht Interiors

Market leading stone solutions designed exclusively for Super Yachts and Motor Yachts. Exclusive-Yachts are an expression of their owner’s character to the last detail, increasing demand for unique interiors encompassing exclusive natural stones.

applications sail yachts

Sail Yachts

Ultra-lightweight stone solutions designed exclusively for the fast sail yachts, with the maximum possible weight saving whilst still being safe from breakage.

applications lift floors

Lift Interiors

Elevator lightweight stone flooring and walls, cut to size and ready to install and competitively priced for trade enquiries.

commercial stone installations

Commercial Stone Installations

Grama Blend stone solutions have been used in towers in China, USA, Germany, United Kingdom and many other countries for their unique solutions and unrivalled performance.

domestic stone for the home

Domestic Stone for the Home

Bookmatched large wall areas, vanity tops, bath tops, showers, shower trays, floors, etc. All can be produced in lightweight, semi-lightweight and solid stone. With our lightweight wall and floor panels, whole bathrooms can be clad in real stone, virtually joint free and with around 70% weight saving over solid stone.

lightweight stone doors at grama blend

Lightweight Stone Doors

Stone doors and drawers created using a unique construction process. The doors and drawers can be made using almost any marble, granite, limestone and onyx – only possible with our Grama Blend process.

lightweight stone for aircrafts

Lightweight Stone for Aircraft and Motor Homes

Unique stone solutions tailored for private aircraft, commercial aircraft, trains and motor homes.

exhibition and display stands

Exhibition and Display Stands

Custom made display cases for retail and museums.

lightweight stone furniture at grama blend

Stone Furniture

We offer bespoke lightweight natural stone to inspire individually handcrafted pieces of furniture. Supplying furniture designers and workshops with the very best handpicked stone to be encapsulated into their creations.