Beautiful and functional at the same time...

No matter whether for flooring, walls and even ceilings, GRAMA BLEND provides the perfect solution and the appropriate attachment system for every application. GRAMA BLEND can be mounted onto walls and ceilings by means of suitable wall-mounting mechanical fixing systems. Should modifications later become necessary for these elements, they can be dismantled within minutes and be re-installed later in the same or in a different area. GRAMA BLEND is easily processed with commonly available diamond tools, using dry or wet cutting, an angle grinder or a builder’s circular saw with a stone cutting wheel.

With a large number of edge and corner solutions on offer, GRAMA BLEND can be processed easily, rapidly and cleanly.

Fixing solutions

Velcro or magnetic band
Screw fixing
Hanging systems
Mounting grid suspended from ceilings

Edge finishing

L-profile edge
U-profile edge
Open butt joint
Heading joint
Mitre joint
Beveled edge
Rounded edge
Designer edge
Joint 2 mm, beveled edge
GRAMA BLEND with solid stone edge
GRAMA BLEND with solid stone profile edge