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Thanks to our own specialist light-weight stone, we at Grama Blend have worked side by side with Jack Trench Design to create this stunning Nero Marquina drinks bar, made possible by using our unique light-weight stone. Nero Marquina is a highly sought-after variety of marble due to the striking contrast between the deep black colour and the bright white veining.

While Nero Marquita is renowned for its elegance and beauty, this particular stone can present many challenges due to its soft nature and its heavy weight, which can inhibit the creativity of the designer, as certain design choices become too difficult or even impossible to implement using traditional solid stone. This is where our ultra-light-weight marble shines; not only does it make intricate designs and installations feasible, but it’s a more eco-friendly alternative, as it uses less natural stone while still preserving the same stunning appearance as traditional marble slabs seen elsewhere, while also being more flexible and durable to the constant use.

For this particular project, our unique light-weight Nero Marquina was used in conjunction with sapele timber joinery, mirror glass and brass fitments, resulting in this one-of-a-kind product. We are proud that we were able to assist with making this unique and intricate design a reality.

For more details on this project and our light-weight stone solutions, please contact us on 01491 412455 or by email [email protected]

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