Translucent Stone

4mm natural stone bonded to a flexible yet super strong 4mm translucent carrier, a thin natural stone veneer permanently bonded to the most versatile substrate, creating a significantly improved lighting effect using the most up to date, lower power consuming LED lighting. By laminating natural stone to our unique Grama Blend Lumo carrier we can produce large panels 1400x2800mm. Larger stone panels allow the natural beauty of stone to show through, making it possible to achieve seamless, monolithic translucent stone walls of backlit onyx and marble.

Translucent Stone Panels

• 100% natural stone, including onyx, marble, quartz and granite
• Increased translucency for backlighting applications
• Incredible book matched layouts
• Larger panels with minimum joints
• Ultra-lightweight panels removes the need for heavy duty frames
• Delivered ready to fit, cut to size