The use of marble has been reinvented for architecture, interiors, furniture, art, homeware, and now lighting, and no material speaks sophistication and luxury quite like translucent marble. Marble has many colour variations making it a fascinating material for backlit features. Traditional solid 2cm thick marble is heavy and fragile, making it at times challenging to work with.

Our unique solution GRAMA BLEND (R) LUMO, 4mm thin natural onyx veneer permanently bonded to the most versatile lightweight and ultra-thin translucent substrates, resulting in a magical weight of 18kg per sqm and 8mm thin, our panels are super easy to carry and install.

translucent marble furniture via grama blend uk
backlit furniture at grama blend uk translucent marble
grama blend tr1 backlit stone from grama blend uk


The super-sized, lightweight, ultra-thin marble panels allow the natural beauty of marble to glow, making it possible to achieve seamless, backlit marble feature walls, floors, counters, bars, furniture pieces, and retail displays.


  • Total thickness: from approx. 8mm
  • Weight: approx. 18kg per sqm
  • Size: maximum size, 1500x3100mm in a single piece
  • 100% premium natural Marble
  • Increased translucency for backlit applications
  • Incredible book-matched layouts
  • Ultra-lightweight panels avoid the need for heavy-duty frames and fixings
  • Delivered cut to size, ready to fit
  • Fabricated pieces, including mitered, jointed, and complex constructions, all are possible
  • Easy to cut, trim or modify on-site


Our exclusive lightweight translucent Marble panels are perfect for combining with our low voltage, super-thin LED light sheets.

Available options:

  • Single kelvin LEDs
  • Tuneable LEDs
  • RGB LEDs
  • Wireless dimmer systems
  • LED lifespan over 50,000 hours

Our lightweight marble panels are perfect for combining with our client’s own preferred lighting and fixings systems.
Guidance and advice can be provided on request by our technical team, please contact our friendly team for any information you might need.