The new lightness of stone

Real natural stone has an aura of grandness and eternity. It is fascinating with its shine, breathtaking colours, structures and grains. Cut with precision and bonded to lightweight carrier materials it becomes a lightweight sandwich panel, which convinces its users with its combination of wonderful features – lightweight, ulta-thin, large format and safe from breakage once installed.

Here you will find the key features

  • large format panels up to 1400x2800mm  in one piece, joint free
  • very lightweight approx. 13 kg/m²
  • very thin from 8mm overall thickness
  • a genuine natural stone product, timeless, elegant and easy to care for


  • ready to fit modules and composite elements
  • accurate cuttings pre-fabricated at the factory or cut on site
  • multiple possibilities for installation and attachment
  • quick and easy installation due to light weight and huge formats
  • clean and easy for drywall construction
  • low construction height, ideal for renovation and refits
  • “unbreakable” in well-known GRAMA BLEND® quality
  • delivered cut to size, ready to fit from drawings or templates
  • quality natural stone selected to work with your budget.

Our Know-how

Lightweight & Ultra-thin Stone
GRAMA BLEND® Alustandard