Bethel White Granite

Bethel White Granite

Bethel White granite has a creamy off-white background with a combination of beige and grey swirling and black coloured flecks.

Stone ColourWhite
Ultra-thinFrom 8mm
LightweightFrom 11kg per sqm
Standard Panels1250/2450mm
Supersize Panels1400/2800mm
Suitable for Back LightingNo

Bethel White Granite


We take the Bethel White Granite in its natural large bulk direct from the quarry and transform it into a sophisticated lightweight solution. In combination with conventional stone products, we create stylish interiors for buildings, residences and mobile objects such as yachts, lifts, mobile homes and planes. The latest CNC technology in our factories guarantees the highest levels of precision and efficiency. Our skilled craftsmen enhance these products and solutions and make them unique to each project.

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Lightweight Stone

We have developed different backing solutions to enable our lightweight natural stone to be used in many different types of situations, enabling us to offer a product that is thin, lightweight, flexible and the ideal solution for many installations.

Lightweight stone panels in volakas

Fixing Solutions & Edge Finishing

No matter whether it is for flooring, walls, countertops and even ceilings, GRAMA BLEND provides the perfect solution and the appropriate attachment system for every application. GRAMA BLEND can be mounted onto walls and ceilings by means of suitable wall-mounting mechanical fixing systems. Should modifications later become necessary for these elements, they can be dismantled within minutes and be re-installed later in the same or in a different area. GRAMA BLEND is easily processed with commonly available diamond tools, using dry or wet cutting, an angle grinder or a builder’s circular saw with a stone cutting wheel. With a large number of edge and corner solutions on offer, GRAMA BLEND can be processed easily, rapidly and cleanly. Talk to us today to see how we can help you with your next installation.



Back Lighting