lift Interiors

The GRAMA BLEND lightweight panels made of real natural stone give even heavily stressed areas or elevator entrances a distinctive and genuine character. Especially for renovation or refits, Grama Blend always offers a great variety of options. The combinations of materials like stainless steel, brass or mirror with Grama Blend gives your elevator a timeless and durable design.

Grama Blend premium collection, the same quality of stone with our usual patented lightweight ALC4 carrier. Natural stone floors supplied to order from stock materials, ideal for projects where quick delivery is required.  Supplied from stock: orders usually dispatched within 3 – 5 working days. Ready to fit: supplied cut to fit from drawings, templates or sizes provided, no need for adjustment on site. Premium stone: 6 natural stone to choose from, all from stock. Format: floor and wall panels delivered in 1, 2 or 4 pieces.

  • Lift cabin floors
  • Lift cabin walls
  • Backlit lift cabin ceilings
  • Lift cabin tableau ceilings
  • Portal panelling (exchangeable)
  • Ready-to-fit with connecting elements
  • Prefabricated to the precise dimensions
  • Versatile fixing capabilities
  • Fast, easy installation lightweight design
  • Clean and easy for dry assembly techniques
  • Unbreakable GRAMA BLEND quality
  • Short delivery times

The floor of a high end elevator should convey an exclusive ambience and at the same time resist heavy loads and strains. Due to its solid core mineral carrier embedded in aluminium sandwich, the stability of a GRAMA BLEND ALC4 floor corresponds to the compression resistance of the employed stone. You can be sure to enjoy this prestigious stone lift floor for many years.