Milar by Dekton


Industrial Collection

Grey and brown colours come together to form the basis of the new Milar colour palette, giving rise to a theme inspired by oxidized and faded-looking materials. Its bright, dotted graphics and its dark, sweeping shades create a strong personality, turning it into a versatile and full-bodied colour. Given its aesthetic characteristics, Milar fits seamlessly into the industrial collection by Dekton, a transgressive and groundbreaking series due to its urban nature and where the ‘unfinished’ look sparks love at first sight.

Finishes Available: Matte

Product Thickness: 4mm, 8mm, 12mm, 20mm and 30mm.

Exclusive to Grama Blend: Dekton is now available on our ultra-thin, super lightweight carriers for unrivalled possibilities, and safe from breakage.

Additional information

Stone Colour



From 8mm


From 11kg per sqm

Standard Panels


Supersize Panels

up to 1500x3000mm

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