Our Top Tips for Cleaning your Lightweight Marble Floors

Lightweight Marble floors mean high quality, luxurious style that adds elegance and grandeur to any tile project. This amount of luxury means they need to be kept clean to ensure they maintain their immaculate condition.

Marble is a natural stone but it can be susceptible to staining, marks and scratches which means it needs to be cared for or you risk possible chance of damaging your tiles, tarnishing its original beauty.

How do I keep my Marble floors clean?

To ensure your tiles keep their timeless appeal here are our top tips for keeping them pristine:

  • Be Gentle. Marble can scratch so it is important to use gentle cleaners such as diluted liquid and soft fabric rather than anything harsh or abrasive.
  • Only the best will do. Just like anything of exceptional taste and value, only the best will do for your marble floor so treat it well with substances with a neutral PH level – anything too acidic or alkaline will damage the floor.
  • Keep it clean. It may sound obvious but make sure the mop/ cloth you use is clean before you use it. Lightweight marble floors do need maintenance but, often, simply using hot clean soapy water will bring up a brilliant finish to your daily spills.
  • Be quick. Marble is an absorbent stone so the quicker you act the better. Leaving muck and spillages will sink into the stone and the longer you leave it the harder it will be to clean.
  • Bring in the professionals. It is vital to use a professional and take advantage of their specialist equipment that will clean your floor to the highest standard. Grama Blend can lend a hand from removing anything from stubborn stains to larger damage repairs.
  • Prevention is better than cure. The best way to keep your marble floors in perfect condition is to get it right from the start. When you choose a lightweight marble floor with us it will be sealed with the highest quality sealant that will help reduce staining and scratching from day one. Using this along with our professional after care service regularly will give your floors the best chance to keeping their original beauty.

What do we offer at Grama Blend?

We offer a wonderful selection of lightweight marble floors in a variety of colours and styles that convey the stone’s natural beauty and will bring elegance and sophisticated decor to your renovating project. Once you have chosen your tile and specified your requirements we will work closely with you to ensure you are satisfied with your marble floor.

This includes our maintenance/ after care service which includes:

  • Re-sealing.
  • Stain removal.
  • Chip repair.
  • Polishing.

And much, much more!
Visit our website to  see everything we offer right from our design consultations to our after care management – do not hesitate to get in touch with us:

Call: 01491 845835. Email: [email protected] or come and visit our Henley on Thames show room and speak to one of our friendly advisors.