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Lightweight Stone Doors

Grama Blend unique ultra-lightweight stone doors and drawers, a complete collection of natural stone doors.

As innovators in our industry, we include many custom solutions including integrated handles and even lighting combined with premium quality proprietary fixtures and fittings. This ensures our stone doors and drawers are not only produced using the finest quality stone but also built to the highest possible specification.

Prices are available on request, call us on 01491 845834 for further information or alternatively email us at

General Specifications.

Standard doors: 19mm
Ultra-thin: 12mm
Custom size available to order.

Weight: approx 18kg per m²

Max dimensions: 2400x650mm

Door front and sides in natural stone.

Stone: doors can be supplied unsorted, structure matched and book matched

Reverse side covering: HPL or optional real wood veneer.

Available in almost all natural stones including, limestone, marble, onyx and granite.

Door hinges and fixings, placement as required.

Standard materials: Bianco Gioia, Azul Aran, Calacatta.
Non-standard: Almost unlimed options.

Areas of use: Cupboard fronts, doors and drawers.


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ECOLINE Lift Flooring

ECOLINE Lift stone flooring collection
Lightweight stone lift flooring at reduced cost and with fast delivery, perfect for lift car modernisation and new installations.

A range of beautiful natural stone held in stock for quick delivery and offered at preferable trade prices.

Lightweight:  18kg per m²
Ultra-thin:  8mm (4mm stone on 4mm Grama Blend Alc4 carrier)
Fast delivery, available from stock, average delivery time two weeks.
Reduced prices.
Usual Grama Blend Quality.

6 Natural Stones
– Jura Beige Marble
– Grey Emperador CG Marble
– Super Grey LG Granite
– Bianco Sardo Granite
– Blue Pearl Granite
– Multicolor Red Granite

GRAMA BLEND® Ecoline is designed for high traffic areas including lift floors and lift car entrances. The stone panels are prefabricated to the precise dimensions required and delivered ready to fit in reduced time.

Standard Car Floor Sizes
Plus Custom Floor Sizes.

Request a copy of our ECOLINE floors price list by calling us 01491 845832 or email us at

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Grama Blend Goes Green With Solar Panels

At Grama Blend, we’re always trying to do our best for the environment. That’s why we’ve installed solar panels on our lightweight stone factory and processing facility.

Going Green At Our Lightweight Stone Factory

With the environment there are no half measures. After all, we’re all in this together and need to make the most of alternative energy sources if we’re to have any hope of reducing the effects of climate change.

That’s why we’re very pleased to say we’ve recently installed solar panels on the roof of our lightweight stone factory in Sulzbech-Rosenberg, South Germany. With the addition of these solar panels, we can offset our offices’ and productions’ annual energy consumption. read more

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Why Use Lightweight Marble For Your Bathroom?

The ultrathin lightweight panels we sell at Grama Blend are perfect for a variety of applications. Previous clients have used them to decorate super yachts, hotel foyers and even aeroplane interiors. One perfect place to use lightweight marble panels is for bathrooms.

The Benefits Of Using Lightweight Marble Panels

When compared to tiles, lightweight marble panels are less time consuming to install than bathroom tiles. There are so many tiles that need to be individually installed and grouted that it can take up to several days to install properly. Our panels are much, much larger than standard bathroom tiles. This makes them much quicker to put up as they cover a bigger wall area.

Our panels are perfectly suited for use as bathroom flooring as well as decorating walls. Their high quality finish provides plenty of underfloor grip, so you won’t have to worry about any slips or spills once you’ve installed your marble flooring.
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5 Ways To Use Backlit Onyx

Here at Grama Blend love to use backlit onyx as a feature in our designs. Onyx is a beautiful stone, banded in such a way that each piece is utterly unique. Said to promote happiness and good fortune, onyx is the perfect stone for creating opulent counters and grand hallways.

Five Ways To Use Backlit Onyx

Lightweight and ultrathin, backlit onyx can be used to create a feature in almost location. Easy to handle, lightweight onyx does not need a large metal frame to support its installation, making it suitable for use in elevators, yachts and almost any commercial or domestic setting.  Here is our list of five of the best ways to use backlit onyx.

  1. Stair risers – Ideal for creating a grand entranceway, backlit onyx stair risers can make your staircase look amazing. Choose from variety of different colours depending on the look you are trying to create.
  2. Pool surrounds – Onyx gives a beautiful warm light, which is perfect for swimming pools. Adding warm yellow light from behind onyx walls can give your swimming pool a more relaxing feel, which means that you can enjoy a sense of wellbeing in absolute peace.
  3. Bathroom counters – Perfect for splashbacks, under your sink and counters, backlit onyx is great for making a statement in your bathroom. If using a dark tile and flooring material, contrast this with translucent onyx.
  4. Bars and counters – Onyx looks astoundingly beautiful both as a backlit wall for a bar and as a backlit counter base. Your bar will sparkle amid dark wood and bottles, and create an atmosphere like no other for yourself and your guests. Drink in absolute style with a backlit onyx bar.
  5. Fireplace surrounds – An alternative to feature wallpaper, backlit onyx can create a stunning surround for your fireplace. The light and flickering flames of the fire will reflect in the onyx creating shadows and texture.

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The Benefits Of Using Quartz

Quartz is a beautiful stone and thanks to the Grama Blend process can now be offered in a lightweight stone format which has many more applications including countertops, tabletops, floors and wall coverings. An engineered stone, quartz is 94% mineral quartz, the most common mineral on Earth, mixed with pigments and resin to create beautiful colours with a smooth texture. Quartz can truly transform your home through its beauty and elegance.

You may feel that engineered lightweight stone is not as beautiful as natural stone, but there are many important reasons as to why you should consider using quartz in your luxury project.

So What Are The Benefits Of Using Quartz?

  1. Unique finish – As quartz is an engineered lightweight stone, which means that many colours and shades can be produced which are not found in natural stone.
  2. Strength – An engineered tile, quartz can take twice as much weight and pressure as granite and marble, before breaking. Ideal for installation in high traffic areas, lightweight quartz tiles are the perfect choice for a lobby or hallway.
  3. Greater scratch resistance – Quartz is claimed to be around 33% stronger than granite at the same thickness. It will not scratch or damage under pressure from glass or metal, which makes it the perfect choice for kitchen counters, bars, and floors.
  4. Flawless finish – Quartz is an engineered stone, which means that the flaws and cracks you can often find in marble are eliminated during the manufacturing process. This leaves you with shiny, gleaming lightweight stone which can be used on almost any surface. For maximum impact, apply flooring in dark quartz with silver flecks.
  5. Stain resistance – Unlike many natural stone types, quartz is non-porous, meaning it does not absorb water. As a result, lightweight stone quartz is suitable for showers and kitchens, vanity and bath tops. Water resistant, it does not need sealing like many natural stone materials, and is therefore a low maintenance alternative to marble or granite.

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Design Ideas: Lightweight Marble Stone Stairs

Marble is noted for its aesthetic properties, its durability and its ease of maintenance. As such, it is perfectly suited to areas of high traffic – such as staircases! In this blog, we hope to inspire you with some great design ideas for staircases using Grama Blend’s exquisite range of lightweight marble.

What Are Some Great Marble Staircase Design Ideas?

We are always on the lookout for fantastic applications for our high quality lightweight marble. Here are some brilliant design ideas for you to consider if you want to transform your home or business premises with a marble staircase.
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The Benefits Of Lightweight Marble Bars

Marble is a popular choice for kitchen worktops and surfaces in homes across the world. But what are the commercial applications of lightweight marble? This beautiful and enduring stone has a range of uses in the commercial sector, including bars, restaurants and more.

What Are The Benefits Of Lightweight Marble?

For commercial uses, such as in bars, entrance halls and lifts, lightweight marble has a number of advantages over other materials like wood or stainless steel in customer facing situations.

  1. Durable Lightweight marble is one of the most durable natural stones. This durability makes it perfectly suited to areas with high traffic or prone to wear and tear – especially bar tops!
  2. Heat Resistant – Stone counter tops and the like are heat resistant. This is beneficial to areas such as bars or restaurant counters where hot food or drinks will be served. This provides a hardwearing surface for your staff to use whilst creating a comfortable and stylish environment for your customers.
  3. Easy To Maintain – Hard stone surfaces like granite are very easy to maintain. Unlike other materials,  marble and granite only needs an initial treatment to improve its already formidable toughness. In many cases, a marble bar will outlast the building it is situated in. It is also scratch and stain resistant making it an excellent choice for countertops.
  4. Easy To Clean – In areas where food and drink are being served, it is essential that surfaces are easy to clean. Lightweight marble can be easily with just a quick wipe ensuring a pleasant and sanitary environment.
  5. Beautiful – Used by architects and sculptors for millennia, marble is one of the most attractive stones used in outfitting commercial buildings. Featuring intricate patterns found in the natural grain of the stone, it comes in a large variety of colours so you’ll be sure to find lightweight marble to suit any business’ decor. Adding marble work surfaces to your business can also lend the building an atmosphere of upmarket class.

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Brief history of Lightweight Marble

Marble is considered to be one of the world’s most beautiful and prestigious stones. It has been used by royalty and powerful figures in history as s symbol of status and wealth. Today the stone is more accessible and has been developed in lightweight marble which can be used in a large variety of ways but still exudes exclusivity and opulence.

Marble – A Brief History

Marble has been used by the elite throughout our history and today it is much more accessible and can be installed into our homes and commercial properties.

The story of Marble:

  • Marble is a relative of Limestone and derives back millions of years to volcanic heat and pressure causing the stone to crystallise. The veins and markings appear during the pressure due to different minerals reacting.
  • Sixth century BC saw the first building constructed entirely of marble – The Athenian Treasury.
  • Later, The Parthenon was built and became the most famous temple in Athens due to its Pentelic marble columns that could be seen for miles.
  • Ancient Rome used marble in religious buildings, grand homes and as art.
  • Throughout the centuries palaces, grand temples and sculptures have included marble. Michelangelo’s David was carved from a single block of marble.
  • Marble is now used in kitchens, bathrooms, yachts, aircrafts, hotels, lifts, spas as well as places of worship and royalty. It is still a symbol of prestige and grandeur and remains on the most beautiful stones in the world. read more
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Factors to Consider when back lighting onyx

Here at Grama Blend we have an exquisite selection of Onyx ultra thin translucent panels. The best way to enhance this semi-precious stone’s natural beauty is to backlight it and let its true beauty shine through.

We have installed Backlit Onyx fixtures in grand hotels, casinos, exclusive private residences and yachts. Over the years we have gained a wealth of knowledge in installing rare stones and understand it is important that you have considered all the options before the feature is installed.

Five Things To Consider When Using Backlit Onyx

  1. Colour – Translucent stones are typically light in their shading but there are darker hues such as caramel and greens and also unique marks and veining mean the stone has darker spots which can be highlighted when light shines through.
  2. Where will it feature – Backlit Onyx is used to light up bars, counter tops, mirror frames baths and showers and much more. You need to think about how it will be used – will the feature just be decorative or will it have glasses placed upon it as a bar counter? For all types of applications Grama Blend can offer a solution for all.
  3. The Style – Onyx doesn’t have to be one large feature, it can be installed in smaller blocks to create a pattern within solid stone. This can also influence whether you want to use a contemporary design or a more traditional style.
  4. Maintenance – Semi precious stones need a lot of care to ensure they remain immaculate for as long as possible. Professional cleaners and polish will be required to prevent any permanent damage to the Onyx.
  5. Where to source it – Such a striking feature needs to be installed by the professionals. Using a specialist service will make sure that your backlit Onyx is safely installed and finished to an excellent standard. This will save you time and effort as well removing the chance of damaging the Onyx as it is being installed. read more
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Installing Translucent Marble Panels

Translucent marble panels are light, beautiful and prestigious and will add sophistication to your luxury interior. The panels offer timeless beauty, when installing stone you must ensure great care and attention is taken to ensure they display their maximum beauty.
Here at Grama Blend, we supply and install the finest quality panels for a variety of projects including yachts, aircrafts and residential and commercial properties. We understand the importance in applying great skill and expertise in installing you translucent marble panels.

Use A Professional Service:

At Grama Blend we provide a prestigious service that ensures the installation of your panels is stress free and completed quickly to the highest possible standard.

At Grama Blend we offer you:

  • Consultation, material selection and manufacturing all before the panels are installed. We can ensure your panels will fit your design exactly as you desire and will design and manufacture them ourselves to make certain their quality is to your satisfaction. You can also approve of every panel made before it is installed.
  • Your panel will be installed by an experienced member of our team who will have the required skills to install such a delicate stone to the perfect finish.
  • We will also provide maintenance and after care to ensure your panels will keep their original beauty for the longest period. read more
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Typical Applications Of Lightweight Stone

Here at Grama Blend we specialise in natural lightweight stones that are designed to add prestige to your luxury interiors. Our choice of lightweight stones include marble, onyx, limestone and granite and they all offer their own unique take on grandeur and elegance for you to enjoy.

Where Can You Install Lightweight Stone?

Our stones can be applied in a number of ways, including:

  • Domestic: Add some opulence to your home with lightweight stone walls, ceiling or flooring project. You can also enhance any surface such as vanity or kitchen counter tops, or surround your bath tub with indulgent marble panels.
  • Yacht and Aircrafts: Whether it is a yacht or a private aircraft we have a stone that will suit you. We can upgrade your bulkheads, install a stone top to your bar or gallery top as well as floors, wall and ceilings.
  • Lifts: A lift is where we have to take time and stop for a few moments which means your lift interior gets more attention than you think. Ensure class and elegance runs throughout your domestic or commercial interiors  by ensuring your lift’s fulfils the standards of the rest of your design.
  • Panels and backlighting: If you are looking for just a touch of prestige then you can choose to install a statement panel as a feature or backlight a fixture. Backlit marble and onyx is truly decadent and will add luxury to any space. You can back light almost any surface, counter, ceiling or panel to illuminate the feature. read more