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Lifts with Grama Blend

GRAMA BLEND is the perfect choice for both new lift installations and the renovation of existing lifts in need of modernization.

Our beautiful lightweight ultra-thin stone products are perfect for walls, floor and even ceilings in lifts. We also offer backlit ultra-thin lightweight stone solutions for these areas.  We are able to incorporate our innovative LUMO backlit stone technology into your lift projects to create truly stunning designs.

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LUMO Backlit Stone from Grama Blend

There is always a demand for unique interior designs, and backlit stone can help designs come to life and create a stunning atmosphere. Grama Blend’s LUMO ultralight backlit stone can be used to bring amazing designs to life. Grama Blend lightweight ultra-thin solutions can even be installed over existing surfaces thanks to its minimal thickness, allowing rooms to be upgraded or refurbished in very short periods.

Lumo lightweight stone panels are tough and resistant and perfect to create stunning back-lit stone features for walls, floors, tops and even ceilings.

Advantages Include
– Ultra-lightweight
– Lightweight stone fabrication with seamless joints
– Strong
– Flexible
– Book-matching
– Safe from breakage


Find more information about our beautiful backlit stone solutions at Grama Blend.

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Our Traditional Stone Range

At Grama Blend, we have been offering a stunning range of traditional natural stone for decades. This experience allows us to create absolutely beautiful interior and exterior designs using only the finest naturally sourced lightweight stone. Our stone is extremely thin and lightweight, allowing designers almost limitless possibilities. We offer a large range of traditional granite, marble and onyx. With this much choice, it won’t be difficult to find the perfect stone to fit with your interior or exterior design.

Take a look at the whole range at the Grama Blend website.

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Back Lit Marble

Our back-lit marble collection offers traditional stunning looks whilst being extremely thin and lightweight. This makes it easy to incorporate into almost any interior or exterior design, even in places such as yachts where weight really counts. The use of our latest LED backlit technology brings out the stone’s full potential like never before and shows every little detail. Marble is especially beautiful when backlit as the light highlights the dark veins and details in every slab.

Our stunning translucent marble can make features such as:
– Backlit walls and ceilings
– Backlit flooring
– Counters and bar tops (with care)
– Pools and outside backlit features
– Fireplaces
– Entrance ways and reception desks

We source and manufacturer a special Arabescato translucent marble from Tuscany, Italy. Available in a variety of shades, we can provide and install a stone that will look beautiful. Whether you want a light and bright feature or something a little darker and decadent; we have the shade for you.

To view our backlit marble collection or to find out more information, visit Grama Blend.

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Grama Blend Semi-Precious Stones

Here at Grama Blend, we pride ourselves on offering an outstanding range of beautiful semi-precious stones. This range of stone allows designers to take full control and create some amazing unique interior/exterior designs. Our range includes stones that offer colours that range from deep purples to light blues, we offer everything that is needed to create some truly stunning designs for a number of different areas.

Take a look at our range of semi-precious stones on the Grama Blend website.

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Free Samples

At Grama Blend we are proud to offer free samples of our high quality stone. Customers now have the ability to order up to 6 completely free stone samples from a selection of our high quality stone collections. These include stone from our back-lit and semi-precious collections. Our free samples can be ordered directly from the Grama Blend website, just visit the ‘Order Samples’ page, accessible from the tab at the top of the homepage.

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Traditional Marble Stone

Traditional marble stone is one of Grama Blend’s outstanding collections. Based off of classic traditional stone, we have combined this marble with some of our modern technologies. This allows architects and designers to use these beautiful stones in many more applications than what was possible before. This stone is incredibly thin and lightweight, making it perfect for applications on things such as yachts. Almost all of the stones in our traditional marble collection can also be backlit, making them suitable for even more impressive applications.

Take a look at the traditional marble stone collection, available only from Grama Blend.

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Our Process

At Grama Blend, we pride ourselves on working closely with the client at every stage of the manufacturing process. Converting conventional stone to modern thin and light stone is an art that Grama Blend has perfected over the last two decades. We offer the World’s most beautiful and exclusive natural stones in various different formats to suit your unique application. We also offer a full after-care service which can be carried out at almost any location in the world. Take a look at every stage of our thin and light stone manufacturing process on our website.

Lightweight Marble for Yachts 770 430 stevenwattsgb

Lightweight Marble for Yachts

Grama Blend offer market leading stone solutions, excursively for Yachts of multiple different sizes. We believe that exclusive yachts are an expression of their owner’s character, therefore every little detail should be perfect. With Grama Blend’s ultra thin and ultra lightweight allow specific designs and requirements to be met with ease. Large stone panels and stone elements such as vanity units are possible when using Grama Blend exclusive solutions.

– Ultra-lightweight
– Lightweight stone fabrication with almost seamless joints
– Strong
– Flexible
– Book-matching
– Safe from breakage

Take a look at our Ultrathin lightweight marble.

Grama Blend Fitting In Any Location 770 430 stevenwattsgb

Grama Blend Fitting In Any Location

Grama Blend have and always will be dedicated to offering the most beautiful and exclusive natural stones. Our amazing lightweight panels allow for almost endless possibilities for various different solutions. We have the capability to offer our products and services all over the world, meaning our beautiful stone can be delivered and installed in any location worldwide.

Visit the Grama Blend website or contact us today for more information.

Grama Blend Lifts and Elevators 770 430 stevenwattsgb

Grama Blend Lifts and Elevators

Grama Blend lightweight stone is the perfect choice for new and existing lifts in need of modernization. Our Products are perfect for lightweight Walls, Floor and even Ceilings panels. We also have a backlit ultra-thin lightweight stone solution for these areas. These areas can also be offered for backlit ultra lightweight format.

Market leading stone solutions designed exclusively for the Lift industry. Grama Blend lightweight panels made of real natural stone and are strong enough to be used even in even the busiest of lifts, as currently being proven at London Heathrow terminals, 3, 4 and 5. Heavily stressed high traffic footfall floors and entrances are no concern when Grama Blend is selected.

Take a look at Grama Blend’s stone solutions, designed for lifts & elevators.

Backlit Stone Solutions from Grama Blend 770 430 stevenwattsgb

Backlit Stone Solutions from Grama Blend

Grama Blend’s ultra thin translucent stone panels are perfect for creating stunning backlit stone features. Our range of backlit onyx and marble will let light ooze through and give an elegant glow to any room. Designers and architects have almost unlimited possibilities when using Grama Blend stone due to how thin and light it is. Our unique patented panels are incredibly easy to handle and install. We have removed the need to use obtrusive metal frames that are often used to support thick and heavy stone slabs.

We have previously installed backlit Onyx and backlit marble features in:

  • Grand and prestigious London Hotels
  • Businesses and Offices
  • Casinos
  • Private Residences
  • Yachts
  • Aircraft

Our designs have included:

  • Ceilings
  • Reception Desks
  • Feature walls
  • Bars
  • Towers

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