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What is Lightweight Natural Stone

Grama Blend Lightweight natural stone consists of a thin sheet of natural stone that has been bonded to our lightweight ultra-thin carrier panel, which results in a much lighter product, in some cases reducing weight by up to 70%. These lightweight stone panels can be supplied ready to be...

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Stone speakers

GRAMA BLEND® Audio 3mm real natural lightweight stone laminated on an audio membrane, creating a completely new concept of decorative speakers for luxury interiors. - Natural stone flat speaker with design base. - Integrated amplifier Cyrus One (Bluetooth Aptx) - Design rack with an integrated down-firing subwoofer. Further details available on request.

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Lightweight Stone Doors

Grama Blend unique lightweight stone doors and drawers, a complete collection of natural stone doors. As innovators in our industry, we include many custom solutions including integrated handles and even lighting combined with premium quality proprietary fixtures and fittings. This ensures our stone doors and drawers are not only produced...


ECOLINE Lift Flooring

ECOLINE Lift stone flooring collection, lightweight stone lift flooring at reduced cost and with fast delivery, perfect for lift car modernisation and new installations. A range of beautiful natural stone held in stock for quick delivery and offered at preferable trade prices. ADVANTAGES AND FEATURES Lightweight:  18kg per m² Ultra-thin:  8mm (4mm stone...

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Lifts with Grama Blend

GRAMA BLEND is the perfect choice for both new lift installations and the renovation of existing lifts in need of modernization. Our beautiful lightweight stone products are perfect for walls, floor and even ceilings in lifts. We also offer backlit ultra-thin lightweight stone solutions for these areas.  We are able...

lumo backlit stone from grama blend uk

LUMO Backlit Stone from Grama Blend

There is always a demand for unique interior designs, and backlit stone can help designs come to life and create a stunning atmosphere. Grama Blend's LUMO ultralight backlit stone can be used to bring amazing designs to life. Grama Blend lightweight ultra-thin solutions can even be installed over existing...

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Our Traditional Stone Range

At Grama Blend, we have been offering a stunning range of traditional natural stone for decades. This experience allows us to create absolutely beautiful interior and exterior designs using only the finest naturally sourced lightweight stone. Our stone is extremely thin and lightweight, allowing designers almost limitless possibilities. We offer...

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Grama Blend Semi-Precious Stones

Here at Grama Blend, we pride ourselves on offering an outstanding range of beautiful semi-precious stones. This range of stone allows designers to take full control and create some amazing unique interior/exterior designs. Our range includes stones that offer colours that range from deep purples to light blues, we offer...

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Free Samples

At Grama Blend we are proud to offer free samples of our high quality stone. Customers now have the ability to order up to 6 completely free stone samples from a selection of our high quality stone collections. These include stone from our back-lit and semi-precious collections. Our free samples...

traditional marble stone

Traditional Marble Stone

Traditional marble stone is one of Grama Blend's outstanding collections. Based off of classic traditional stone, we have combined this marble with some of our modern technologies. This allows architects and designers to use these beautiful stones in many more applications than what was possible before. This stone is incredibly...