5 Ways To Use Backlit Onyx

Here at Grama Blend love to use backlit onyx as a feature in our designs. Onyx is a beautiful stone, banded in such a way that each piece is utterly unique. Said to promote happiness and good fortune, onyx is the perfect stone for creating opulent counters and grand hallways.

Five Ways To Use Backlit Onyx

Lightweight and ultrathin, backlit onyx can be used to create a feature in almost location. Easy to handle, lightweight onyx does not need a large metal frame to support its installation, making it suitable for use in elevators, yachts and almost any commercial or domestic setting.  Here is our list of five of the best ways to use backlit onyx.

  1. Stair risers – Ideal for creating a grand entranceway, backlit onyx stair risers can make your staircase look amazing. Choose from variety of different colours depending on the look you are trying to create.
  2. Pool surrounds – Onyx gives a beautiful warm light, which is perfect for swimming pools. Adding warm yellow light from behind onyx walls can give your swimming pool a more relaxing feel, which means that you can enjoy a sense of wellbeing in absolute peace.
  3. Bathroom counters – Perfect for splashbacks, under your sink and counters, backlit onyx is great for making a statement in your bathroom. If using a dark tile and flooring material, contrast this with translucent onyx.
  4. Bars and counters – Onyx looks astoundingly beautiful both as a backlit wall for a bar and as a backlit counter base. Your bar will sparkle amid dark wood and bottles, and create an atmosphere like no other for yourself and your guests. Drink in absolute style with a backlit onyx bar.
  5. Fireplace surrounds – An alternative to feature wallpaper, backlit onyx can create a stunning surround for your fireplace. The light and flickering flames of the fire will reflect in the onyx creating shadows and texture.

Buy Backlit Onyx From Grama Blend

At Grama Blend we offer a wide range of unique backlit onyx panels to compliment an array of internal designs and styles. Lightweight and ultra thin, discover the natural beauty, distinction and opulence this stone has to offer.

With many years of experience in natural stone, we have installed back lit onyx in a number of grand locations including a super yacht lounge, casino ceiling and Hilton Hotel reception desk. Creating feature walls and displays from our patented Grama Blend Lumo® stone panels, we have transformed rooms all over the world.

For more information about using backlit onyx in any of your designs, contact Grama Blend on 01491 845835 or email [email protected] with any enquiries.