the advantages of lightweight marble panels stone from grama blend uk

The Advantages Of Lightweight Marble Panels

Lightweight marble panels are one of our most popular products at Grama Blend. They are ideal for us in a number of locations and applications including hotels and office receptions and lifts, yachts, large country homes and many more applications.

Why Should You Install Lightweight Marble Panels In Your Property?

What sets our lightweight marble panels apart from other methods of stone decoration is their versatility.  They can be used for a number of high-end applications. You may wish to outfit the lifts in your boutique hotel with marble panelling for example. For bars and restaurants, lightweight marble panels can be installed as the counter tops or face panels for backlighting for a sleek and stylish look.

Another advantage of lightweight marble panels is that they are water resistant; this makes them ideal for use in bathrooms and even for yacht interiors. Why not utilise our backlit panels for the walls of shower cubicles for an extra touch of extravagance. If your bathroom gets minimal, or no, natural light then a backlit shower will really stand out and look stunning.

A further advantage to lightweight panels is that they are much safer to use in the bathroom than standard tiles. The special finishes we can apply ensures that there is much more grip to be had when compared to regular marble bathroom tiles. If you’re considering outfitting your hotel, bar or restaurant’s floors with marble panels ensure you use ours.

Lightweight panels also have a higher impact resistance than normal stone tiles.  This means that the lightweight marble panels can withstand more mechanical stress and will not fracture making installation an easy process.

True to their name, lightweight marble panels are also very lightweight. In fact, they weigh 80% less than solid stone. This makes them much easier to manoeuvre giving lightweight marble panels a much greater versatility than solid stone. Their light weight makes them ideal for a huge range of applications.

Our lightweight marble panels also have an increased stone utilisation ratio than solid stone. This means that they are more efficient than solid stone and also reduces the exploitation of natural resources and promotes environmental conservation. This is because the ratio is two times higher than solid stone.

Purchase lightweight marble panels from Grama Blend

If you would like to install lightweight marble panels in your home or business then you can contact the team at Grama Blend on 01491 845835 or email us at [email protected]. We will be happy to go through the variety of marble that they have available to help you determine which one is suitable for your specific requirements.