Backlit Onyx for Domestic and Commercial Applications

Backlit onyx is a beautiful addition to any domestic or commercial project. This natural, lightweight stone is available in a range of colours and patterns, and is truly magnificent when backlit. The movement within the stone usually varies from bright white with some veining, to deep red with more dramatic movement. Its translucent quality makes it appear soft to the touch and adds ambience to any interior space.

Where Can Backlit Onyx Be Used?

Backlit onyx is eye-catching due to its enhanced colour and movement within the stone. As it draws attention, it is mostly used in commercial applications such as hotel receptions and bars. Depending on the backlighting source, the colours in onyx will appear warm and vibrant, and the dynamic beauty of the stone makes it perfect for your commercial project.

Backlit onyx is also becoming increasingly popular for domestic applications. For example, a backlit onyx shower adds a modern look to your bathroom, while enhancing the natural beauty of the stone. Onyx could be used in kitchen countertops, though more care and maintenance will be needed as it is more susceptible to damage compared other natural stone.

A significant advantage of Grama Blend Lumo Onyx is the fact that it is so much lighter than other natural stone. It is also easier to handle and fabricate. The backlit onyx panels available at Grama Blend are lightweight and ultra thin, and we have a wide range of internal designs and styles which will allow you to achieve a unique finish to your project.

Why Use Backlit Onyx?

By choosing backlit onyx, your domestic or commercial area will look unique, beautiful and full of character. This stone gives architects and designers unlimited possibilities; the contrasting colours running through the stone give it a modern twist as the backlighting can move through a range of colours.

At Grama Blend, we have our own patented panels that do not need heavy metal frameworks. This means that the possibilities are endless with the design you are trying to achieve for your domestic or commercial application. Not only this, we have our very own branded mains voltage LED systems, ensuring you a consistent, high quality finish for your project.

We are also the first to be able to supply the lightweight stone panels with LED sheets as one single unit.

If you would like to find out more about the backlit onyx available at Grama Blend, please call us on 01491 412455. Alternatively, you can email us at [email protected]