The Benefits Of Lightweight Marble Bars

Marble is a popular choice for kitchen worktops and surfaces in homes across the world. But what are the commercial applications of lightweight marble? This beautiful and enduring stone has a range of uses in the commercial sector, including bars, restaurants and more.

What Are The Benefits Of Lightweight Marble?

For commercial uses, such as in bars, entrance halls and lifts, lightweight marble has a number of advantages over other materials like wood or stainless steel in customer facing situations.

  1. Durable – Lightweight marble is one of the most durable natural stones. This durability makes it perfectly suited to areas with high traffic or prone to wear and tear – especially bar tops!
  2. Heat Resistant – Stone counter tops and the like are heat resistant. This is beneficial to areas such as bars or restaurant counters where hot food or drinks will be served. This provides a hardwearing surface for your staff to use whilst creating a comfortable and stylish environment for your customers.
  3. Easy To Maintain – Hard stone surfaces like granite are very easy to maintain. Unlike other materials,  marble and granite only needs an initial treatment to improve its already formidable toughness. In many cases, a marble bar will outlast the building it is situated in. It is also scratch and stain resistant making it an excellent choice for countertops.
  4. Easy To Clean – In areas where food and drink are being served, it is essential that surfaces are easy to clean. Lightweight marble can be easily with just a quick wipe ensuring a pleasant and sanitary environment.
  5. Beautiful – Used by architects and sculptors for millennia, marble is one of the most attractive stones used in outfitting commercial buildings. Featuring intricate patterns found in the natural grain of the stone, it comes in a large variety of colours so you’ll be sure to find lightweight marble to suit any business’ decor. Adding marble work surfaces to your business can also lend the building an atmosphere of upmarket class.

Choose Grama Blend For Lightweight Marble Bars And More

At Grama Blend, we are experts in creating stunning bespoke marble bar tops, tables, counter tops and more. We have a huge variety of different shades of lightweight marble, each with their own unique grains and patterns. We also offer LED backlight marble and onyx stones that are excellently suited for creating a unique look that’s full of character.

All our stone is laser cut to various thicknesses, depending on the application. This means that our marble is lightweight, but still retains all its tough and durable characteristics that make it such a desirable stone.

We work closely with our clients to create designs that are perfectly tailored to their needs. We also offer a dedicated after care service including chip repair, damage repair, re-sealing, polishing and more. Of course, we are confident that the lightweight marble we supply is of the highest and most durable quality.

For more information on our exquisite range of lightweight marble, or any of our other lightweight stone solutions, please call us on 01491 845835