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Lightweight Stone Doors

Grama Blend unique lightweight stone doors and drawers, a complete collection of natural stone doors.

As innovators in our industry, we include many custom solutions including integrated handles and even lighting combined with premium quality proprietary fixtures and fittings. This ensures our stone doors and drawers are not only produced using the finest quality stone but also built to the highest possible specification.

Prices are available on request, call us on 01491 845834 for further information or alternatively email us at [email protected]

General Specifications.

Standard doors: 19mm
Ultra-thin: 12mm
Custom size available to order.

Weight: approx 18kg per m²

Max dimensions: 2400x650mm

Door front and sides in natural stone.

Stone: doors can be supplied unsorted, structure matched and book matched

Reverse side covering: HPL or optional real wood veneer.

Available in almost all natural stones including, limestone, marble, onyx and granite.

Door hinges and fixings, placement as required.

Standard materials: Bianco Gioia, Azul Aran, Calacatta.
Non-standard: Almost unlimed options.

Areas of use: Cupboard fronts, doors and drawers.