Design Ideas: Lightweight Marble Stone Stairs

Marble is noted for its aesthetic properties, its durability and its ease of maintenance. As such, it is perfectly suited to areas of high traffic – such as staircases! In this blog, we hope to inspire you with some great design ideas for staircases using Grama Blend’s exquisite range of lightweight marble.

What Are Some Great Marble Staircase Design Ideas?

We are always on the lookout for fantastic applications for our high quality lightweight marble. Here are some brilliant design ideas for you to consider if you want to transform your home or business premises with a marble staircase.

  • Floating Stone Stairs – Floating stairs are a brilliant alternative to more traditional staircases. As with standard marble, even our lightweight marble is exceedingly strong, supporting its own weight so each stair is stable and safe. Individual stairs are fastened to the wall, with a hand rail on the opposite side for extra stability and safety. The resultant look is open and airy, which works very well in creating modern or minimalist aesthetics.
  • Spiral Staircases – Similar in construction to a floating stone staircase, in fact this is how staircases were originally constructed in castles and forts. Adding grandeur to any room, a spiral staircase is ideal for areas with limited space. For a more modern look, opt for spaces between each step.
  • Reinforced Wooden Stairs – A wooden staircase can be made all the more durable and sturdy with the addition of lightweight marble. Adding stone creates a sophisticated finish compared with other materials floorings such as carpet. Marble also makes an excellent foundation material, so building on top of it or adding a carpet runner at a later won’t damage the stone.
  • Backlight Staircases – At Grama Blend, we also stock backlight marble. Although backlight stairs are often used in commercial or business buildings, having a backlight marble staircase can be an elegant touch for a larger house.
  • In The Garden – Because of its durability and ease of maintenance, marble is perfectly suited for creating graceful steps leading into your garden. Why not try backlight marble for more illumination on long summer’s nights? Using the same marble pattern and colour inside and out will create a strong thematic link between interior and exterior.

Heat, scratch and stain resistant it is also very easy to clean and maintain. Simply wipe away any spills! Marble is also very weather and moisture resistant, which again makes it a perfect material for an outside staircase.

Discover Lightweight and Backlight Marble From Grama Blend

Whether you want to create a stunning marble staircase for your home, or revamp your offices or super yacht with backlit onyx, then talk to the experts at Grama Blend. We have an impeccable collection of lightweight marble in a variety of finishes and patterns to suit any decor.

For more information on how best to utilise marble in designing a staircase, or any other application, please contact us on 01491 845835, send us an email at [email protected] or use our dedicated contact page.