Factors to Consider when back lighting onyx

Here at Grama Blend we have an exquisite selection of Onyx ultra thin translucent panels. The best way to enhance this semi-precious stone’s natural beauty is to backlight it and let its true beauty shine through.

We have installed Backlit Onyx fixtures in grand hotels, casinos, exclusive private residences and yachts. Over the years we have gained a wealth of knowledge in installing rare stones and understand it is important that you have considered all the options before the feature is installed.

Five Things To Consider When Using Backlit Onyx

  1. Colour – Translucent stones are typically light in their shading but there are darker hues such as caramel and greens and also unique marks and veining mean the stone has darker spots which can be highlighted when light shines through.
  2. Where will it feature – Backlit Onyx is used to light up bars, counter tops, mirror frames baths and showers and much more. You need to think about how it will be used – will the feature just be decorative or will it have glasses placed upon it as a bar counter? For all types of applications Grama Blend can offer a solution for all.
  3. The Style – Onyx doesn’t have to be one large feature, it can be installed in smaller blocks to create a pattern within solid stone. This can also influence whether you want to use a contemporary design or a more traditional style.
  4. Maintenance – Semi precious stones need a lot of care to ensure they remain immaculate for as long as possible. Professional cleaners and polish will be required to prevent any permanent damage to the Onyx.
  5. Where to source it – Such a striking feature needs to be installed by the professionals. Using a specialist service will make sure that your backlit Onyx is safely installed and finished to an excellent standard. This will save you time and effort as well removing the chance of damaging the Onyx as it is being installed.

Backlit Onyx At Grama Blend

Our LUMO backlit Onyx panels are ultra-thin that are designed to radiate light perfectly giving our clients an abundance of design opportunities.

Our Onyx is special because:

  • No need for metal frames – The panels do not supporting and can be installed without obstructive heavy frames.
  • Self manufacturing – We manufacture your panels in our own factory which significantly cuts order and production time.
  • Own LED Lights – We also have our own LED lighting systems so you can get everything you require from us.
  • We can now offer a single panels of Onyx, carrier and LEDs which can be installed as a single serviceable element.

We will be delighted to offer our services to your backlit Onyx project and will ensure your Onyx is installed to the highest level of excellence.

Call us today: 01491 845 835, Email [email protected] or visit our Henley on Thames showroom.