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Grama Blend Backlit Stone Solutions

What Can Grama Blend Offer?

Our LUMO backlit stone is designed to be lightweight and ultra-thin giving architects and designers almost unlimited possibilities. Our unique patented panels are incredibly easy to install. This has removed the need to use obtrusive metal frames that are often required to support thick and heavy stone slabs. We produce all our lightweight ultra-thin panels in our own factory which significantly reduces our production time. We are now also able to offer our own branded mains voltage LED lighting systems which you will find to be extremely competitive.

Where Can Backlit Onyx Or Marble Be Installed?

The uses for our backlit stone panels are vast. We have previously installed backlit Onyx and backlit marble features in:
-Grand and prestigious London Hotels
-Businesses and Offices
-Private Residences
-Our designs have included:
-Reception Desks
-Feature walls