lifts with grama blend marble

Grama Blend Lifts and Elevators

Grama Blend lightweight stone is the perfect choice for new and existing lifts in need of modernization. Our Products are perfect for lightweight Walls, Floor and even Ceilings panels. We also have a backlit ultra-thin lightweight stone solution for these areas. These areas can also be offered for backlit ultra lightweight format.

Market leading stone solutions designed exclusively for the Lift industry. Grama Blend lightweight panels made of real natural stone and are strong enough to be used even in even the busiest of lifts, as currently being proven at London Heathrow terminals, 3, 4 and 5. Heavily stressed high traffic footfall floors and entrances are no concern when Grama Blend is selected.

Take a look at Grama Blend’s lightweight stone solutions, designed for lifts & elevators.