Grama Blend


Grama Blend UK was formed over 15 years ago by a long-standing market leading stone company that saw the benefits and advantages of lightweight stone panels. Working in partnership with Grama Blend GmbH on hundreds of projects the bond and professional respect between the company is stronger than ever. Grama Blend UK works closely with its clients to deliver their project requirements, assisting them during the whole building process and in every phase of the project. Beginning with a first concept, design and planning, we take care to ensure that the correct materials are selected, after the manufacturing process is complete we securely pack the stone elements in custom made timber crates for delivery to site, offering on-sites support or complete installation service. The result is a turn-key product solution for you, our client, to your full satisfaction.

If your project is a yacht, a private aircraft, a luxury RV motor home, an office building with elevators and surroundings, or an exclusive residence, GRAMA BLEND is your professional partner. Our turn-key service also helps you to reduce your costs of coordination across the whole project.

Material selection is made at source, with direct real time communication with our clients via high-resolution photos. Our clients are always welcome to accompany us to select the finest stone for their project, and also enjoy the fine Italian hospitality.

Large scale production to create the very highest quality large format, lightweight, ultra-thin, natural stone sheets. Standard sheet size 1400x2800mm, from 8mm thick.

Digital onsite Cad templating and engineering, reducing installation time approx 50%, saving out clients time and money while ensuring all parts fit first time without the need for cutting or adjustment on site.

Grama Blend on-site installation with our dedicated fitters for the perfect finish. If you prefer to use your own operatives we offer on-site installation support and training.

GRAMA BLEND Production GmbH

Grama Blend has been at the forefront of the conversion of massive conventional stone with modern technology, the dedication to create beautiful ultra-thin lightweight stone panels is an art that we have brought to perfection during the past 20 years. The manufacturing process of large format sheets is carried out in the large scale production facility in Germany before being shipped to the UK and around the world. The quality of workmanship to create the Grama Blend stone elements is second to none.