Shabir’s Restaurant Fitted With Onyx Panels By Grama Blend

Many bars and restaurants are now choosing high quality backlit stone panels for walls and other features to provide a luxury look that gives their business an extra touch of class. The possibilities for interior design are endless, with an unlimited amount of materials and colours to decide between to create the impression you are aiming for. One type of stone which has become popular here at Grama Blend is translucent backlit onyx, onyx panels that provide a beautiful natural looking material which features powerful LED’s inside which bring the stone to life after dark.

Beautiful Backlit Onyx Installed In Shabir’s Indian Restaurant

One of our recent clients was Shabir’s Indian restaurant in Doncaster, who asked us to install them 17 translucent caramel onyx panels to create wonderful back lit stone features throughout their new premises.

The panels were used to create both standing wall features, which created low dividing walls between areas, and fixed wall panels which stand out against the dark coloured wall behind. All of the panels look beautiful especially when their backlights are on, giving off an unobtrusive yellowy-white glow.

The highly anticipated opening of Shabir’s Restaurant took place on Thursday 20th March, and included show girls and performing artists for an opening event that would leave a lasting impression. The backlit onyx we installed helped create the ideal light balance for the room and the atmosphere they were hoping to achieve.

The restaurant has already proven popular with regulars and new clients and is predicted to be a huge success in the area. Guests who attended the grand opening loved the interior design and the look that our backlit onyx panels provided. The owners are already deciding how to use our lightweight stone panels in their next restaurant interior.

Backlit Onyx And Other Luxury Lightweight Stone From Grama Blend

At Grama Blend we supply high quality lightweight stone for projects including luxury restaurants, bars, hotels, boats, planes and much more. We have a wide range of stone to choose from, including a selection of translucent stone which is perfect for creating a beautiful feature with its own gentle light, which consist of a few different types of backlit onyx and marble.

We can help you create the perfect solution for the space you want to transform, ensuring that you have the panels which are made to your exact requirements. For more information about using backlit onyx or any of our other lightweight stones, contact Grama Blend on 01491 845 835 or email [email protected].