The Advantages Of Lightweight Stone Panels

Natural stones are very popular in interior renovation projects. This type of material is ideal for accentuating the interior, while giving it a new definition to modern trends. Typically natural stone is used for walls, flooring and even ceilings.

What is more, lightweight stone is used not only in residences, but commercial settings as well. A home and office or a boat that is decorated with lightweight stone panels looks elegant and stylish, with added radiance from popular stones such as marble or onyx. Here at Grama Blend you can choose from an almost unlimited number of quality stone panels that will meet your requirements.

Lightweight Stone For Your Interior

Natural stone panels offer several advantages that make it a very popular option in a number of interior decoration projects. It is durable, long lasting and offers you a wide choice of colours, which makes it ideal in design projects, providing them with high-end solutions.With Grama Blend you can enjoy the beauty of natural stone in a number of decorative applications.

Due to these features lightweight stone panels have become a favourite of a number of interior designers and architects. Because of its reduced weight this type of stone panelling is also perfect for usage in elevators, luxurious yachts, furniture panelling and more.

At Grama Blend you will find different combinations and thicknesses for your preferred natural stone and a variety of carrier materials. Wecan also cater for special orders to meet your exact requirements.

Get The Natural Beauty Of Lightweight Stone From Industry Specialists

Natural stone is available for interior decoration but it does not have to be heavy. At Grama Blend you will find a number of options that will suit your interior in your home, your office, an elevator or a yacht. Stone has become more flexible and versatile, allowing for a much wider spectrum of applications. Take a look around at some of the high quality products that industry leaders Grama Blend have to offer.

Services at Grama Blend are unrivalled in the industry as we are one of the few firms that perform the sourcing and finishing of products in-house throughout each stage to completion. It means that we closely monitor the entire process to ensure that only high quality products are delivered to you.

If you want high quality finished products that meet your needs, look no further than Grama Blend. We have cutting edge equipment and use a specially developed laser controlled plant that helps us produce lightweight stone, which is made from genuine natural stone. Natural stones such as marble, onyx, granite, and limestone can be turned into Grama Blend stone panels,whichare lightweight and versatile.

If you would like to find out more about high quality lightweight stone panels from Grama Blend, please call 01491 412455 or email [email protected]