The Best Places To Use Backlit Onyx

Onyx is one of the most affluent semi-precious stones because it is used for both jewellery and home interiors. Despite this, Onyx is considered to be rare due to its high calibre and opulence. This means that when you are installing your home with such a beautiful stone you must ensure it is presented in a way that fulfils its potential.

Backlit Onyx is a fantastic way to draw attention to your stone whilst also being a fantastic, artistic feature in your home.

What does Backlit Onyx mean?

Backlighting your Onyx stone simply means to illuminate from behind. Onyx is not only semi-precious; it is also translucent making it the perfect stone to use. LED Light will glow through the stone enhancing its true decadence making it even more striking and impressive.

It can be done on a large scale like lighting up an entire wall space, or, can add vibrancy to specific fixtures your fireplace or under your sink basin. The opportunities are endless and at Grama Blend we offer you professional help and advice to ensure you get the right backlighting for your project.

So where are the best places to use backlit Onyx?

Sometimes choosing an ideal place for your design can be the trickiest part of the project. Here are some suggestions and tips on where to put your feature:

  • Bathroom- It may seem unusual to put a lighting feature in a bathroom but we have supplied and fitted many panels for backlighting bathroom and shower walls. The result are truly stunning; please see the website for photos of the finished design and more information on our Lumo range.
  • Countertops – A popular choice due to the versatility of the fixture; we all have a surface that could use a little magic and this can be anywhere from our homes to grand 5 star hotels. A backlight countertop can really add some indulgence to a room’s decor.
  • A feature wall –Using backlit Onyx is a fantastic way to upgrade any room with distinguished style. We fitted a translucent Onyx feature wall for a restaurant in a hotel which is available to see on our website. Feature walls are not just for hotels; big or small, a lighting feature can easily be built in your home with a design that suits you.
  • Compliment other features –The Onyx doesn’t always have to steal the show as it works well as a backdrop or as a way to draw attention to another fixture; for example, add lighting to the supporting wall of a kitchen island or any large surface area.
  • Don’t just think flat – We don’t only install flat panels; we can also fit dazzling towers that stand tall, proudly framing any feature.

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