The Types Of Lightweight Stone Available From Grama Blend

Grama Blend has a vast selection of lightweight stone available for you to choose from. All of the lightweight stone available is manufactured by Grama Blend in our own factory to give you stone of the highest quality. Our stone is easy to install and is versatile so you can install your lightweight stone panelling wherever you would like.

What Types Of Lightweight Stone Is Available From Grama Blend?

There are five types of lightweight stone that you can choose from at Grama Blend.

  1. Granite – Granite is extremely durable so you don’t have to worry about having to replace your stone feature because of it becoming damaged. Granite is also resistant to staining. It will stay looking as new as the day it was installed. It can be used for many types of applications, such as floors, counter tops or walls. You can choose from a selection of granite with colours ranging from black, brown, or even blue.
  2. Quartz – Grama Blend has a huge selection of quartz available from the more traditional quartz to bright green quartz so whatever your style you are sure to find a colour that suits you. Quartz is available in such a range of colours because the natural stone is crushed and then combined with a dye to produce these stunning colours. Quartz is an ideal choice for the counter tops in the kitchen because it resists stains and it is extremely hygienic as it does not harbour bacteria.
  3. Semi Precious Stones – You don’t have to choose a traditional type of lightweight stone for your home. We have an assortment of semi-precious stones that you can choose from, such as jasper, agate and amethyst. These are very eye-catching with their fantastic colours and designs.
  4. Marble – Marble is ideal for the bathroom because it is slip free which makes it the safer choice for the bathroom floor. You can also install marble in the bathroom for your walls or the top of your vanity or even have your bathtub enclosed in it for an extravagant look that would look perfect in a hotel.
  5. Onyx – Onyx is typically used for backlit stone features because it has a translucent look to it that works perfectly with the LED panels. It can be used to create backlit ceilings, floors, bars and even showers.

Marble and onyx are amongst most versatile lightweight stone available from Grama Blend. You can either purchase these stones how they are for your walls, floors or counters or have them as a backlit stone feature in your home or business.

Beautiful Lightweight Stone For Any Application

We are proud to say that we have the resources and stock available at Grama Blend to tackle any requirement. We have worked on a huge number of highly successful projects including outfitting yachts, hotels, elevators and even aircraft. There are many different aesthetic options to choose from so make sure to browse our collection of different stones. For more information, or to begin planning your dream project, contact us today on 01491 845835 or send us an email at [email protected].