Typical Applications Of Lightweight Stone

Here at Grama Blend we specialise in natural lightweight stone that are designed to add prestige to your luxury interiors. Our choice of lightweight stones include marble, onyx, limestone and granite and they all offer their own unique take on grandeur and elegance for you to enjoy.

Where Can You Install Lightweight Stone?

Our stones can be applied in a number of ways, including:

  • Domestic: Add some opulence to your home with lightweight stone walls, ceiling or flooring project. You can also enhance any surface such as vanity or kitchen counter tops, or surround your bath tub with indulgent marble panels.
  • Yacht and Aircrafts: Whether it is a yacht or a private aircraft we have a stone that will suit you. We can upgrade your bulkheads, install a stone top to your bar or gallery top as well as floors, wall and ceilings.
  • Lifts: A lift is where we have to take time and stop for a few moments which means your lift interior gets more attention than you think. Ensure class and elegance runs throughout your domestic or commercial interiors  by ensuring your lift’s fulfils the standards of the rest of your design.
  • Panels and backlighting: If you are looking for just a touch of prestige then you can choose to install a statement panel as a feature or backlight a fixture. Backlit marble and onyx is truly decadent and will add luxury to any space. You can back light almost any surface, counter, ceiling or panel to illuminate the feature.

Choosing Your Lightweight Stone With Grama Blend:

Our lightweight stones undergo special blending to ensure their thickness is perfect for your requirements and interior design.  When you choose your stone with us you will have the opportunity to choose from a wonderful collection of shades and colours; from dark and indulgent granite to Light and fresh marble – we really can provide you with everything you are looking for.

You can consult with us when choosing your lightweight stone and we will design your panels based on your specifications and manufacture them ourselves. We pride ourselves in providing you with stones that are:

  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Thin
  •  Strong
  •  Flexible
  •  Book matching
  •  Safe from breaking

We install our panels to the highest professional standard and are dedicated to ensuring our clients are delighted and satisfied with our services.

See our full collection on our website, or, contact us today:

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