Brief history of Lightweight Marble

Marble is considered to be one of the world’s most beautiful and prestigious stones. It has been used by royalty and powerful figures in history as s symbol of status and wealth. Today the stone is more accessible and has been developed in lightweight marble which can be used in a large variety of ways but still exudes exclusivity and opulence.

Marble – A Brief History

Marble has been used by the elite throughout our history and today it is much more accessible and can be installed into our homes and commercial properties.

The story of Marble:

  • Marble is a relative of Limestone and derives back millions of years to volcanic heat and pressure causing the stone to crystallise. The veins and markings appear during the pressure due to different minerals reacting.
  • Sixth century BC saw the first building constructed entirely of marble – The Athenian Treasury.
  • Later, The Parthenon was built and became the most famous temple in Athens due to its Pentelic marble columns that could be seen for miles.
  • Ancient Rome used marble in religious buildings, grand homes and as art.
  • Throughout the centuries palaces, grand temples and sculptures have included marble. Michelangelo’s David was carved from a single block of marble.
  • Marble is now used in kitchens, bathrooms, yachts, aircrafts, hotels, lifts, spas as well as places of worship and royalty. It is still a symbol of prestige and grandeur and remains on the most beautiful stones in the world.

Why Was Lightweight Marble Formed?

Traditionally large pieces of stone and marble were constructed and adapted to be fitted on walls and floors but could not withstand much pressure from mechanical equipment. Often large pieces of Marble would fracture under mechanical stress therefore changes needed to be made to protect the stone. They were also difficult to manoeuvre and handle so as technology advanced new ways to construct marble developed.

Lightweight Marble consists of the original marble being made:

  • Thinner – The thickness of the panels are reduced to ease the manufacturing process.
  • Lighter – This makes the panel much easier to handle and makes it more versatile too.
  • CombinedThin marble would be fragile so GRAMA BLEND use their patented processes and backings to strengthen the stone
  • Translucent ­– Thinner panels meant light was able to sine through enabling lightweight marble panels to be backlit taking the dramatic effect of marble to the next level.

Lightweight Marble At Grama Blend

Here at Grama Blend we manufacture and install some of the world’s most rare and beautiful stones. Our Lightweight Marble have been used for gallery tops, vanity tops, bars, cabinet tops, floors, walls, baths, and showers and as significant features/ artwork in yachts, aircrafts and commercial and domestic properties.

Our lightweight stones are combined with our own special blend of protective carrier materials:

  • Grama Blend Alustandard – Walls, ceilings, doors and furniture panelling
  • Grama Blend ALC4 – Floors
  • Grama Blend LUMO – Backlit features
  • Grama Blend Solid Stones – Tops and Floorings

We are dedicated to ensuring that your lightweight stone is manufactured, fitted and finished to the highest level of excellence and also provide aftercare so that your stone stays pristine for as long as possible.

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