Create A Beautiful Backlit Onyx Wall Feature For Your Home

At Grama Blend we use natural stone to create ultra-thin backlit onyx panels that make a stunning wall feature for a number of commercial and domestic applications. Our panels let light ooze through to give an elegant glow to any room.

What Natural Stone Do We Use To Create Our Backlit Panels?

The natural stone we use for our backlit onyx is Grama Blend Lumo backlit stone. The panels are extremely lightweight so that obtrusive metal frames aren’t required for support. All of our panels are produced in our own factories which significantly reduces our production times. We can get your panels to you very quickly.

Our backlit onyx panels and wall features are all lit by powerful LED lighting. LEDs are known not only for their brightness but for their endurance too. An LED bulb can be continually used for up to 50,000 hours so for a durable, tasteful wall feature consider backlit panels from Grama Blend.

Where Can Backlit Onyx Be Used?

Many businesses and people have used our products to create wall features in a variety of different places. Our panels have featured in casinos, private residences, yachts, business premises and even aircraft.

Many of the owners of private residences we have worked with have used backlit onyx to create stunning bathroom features particularly in rooms which get minimal or no natural light. Often, their backlit showers are the focal points of their bathrooms. The RGB LED edge to edge panels installed in many showers feature coloured lights that can be changed to suit the bathroom design or the user’s mood. The LED panels used in our backlit showers are thoroughly waterproof and perfectly safe for use in bathrooms.

Because they are so lightweight, our onyx panels can be used to create interesting ceiling features. A backlit ceiling can be used in a number of different locations such as large manor houses, office buildings and casinos. Why not compliment your onyx with semi precious stones for a striking and totally unique ceiling?

Bar areas can also benefit from backlit onyx. This would give the bar area an elegant feel as the LED lighting softly bleeds through the beautiful and intricate patterning found in onyx. Restaurants as well as bars can benefit from the mood lighting created by backlight onyx too.

All Grama Blend backlit onyx wall features are finished to a high standard, are lightweight and durable.

Choose Grama Blend For High Quality Backlit Features

At Grama Blend, we create all of our lightweight panels and backlit features to the highest standards. We not only use onyx to manufacture stunning backlit creations, but we also utilise ultra lightweight marble and semi-precious stones too. If you would like to know more about our backlit onyx panels and their various uses, contact our team today on 01491 845835 and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements.