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Why Use Lightweight Marble For Your Bathroom?

The ultrathin lightweight panels we sell at Grama Blend are perfect for a variety of applications. Previous clients have used them to decorate super yachts, hotel foyers and even aeroplane interiors. One perfect place to use lightweight marble panels is for bathrooms.

The Benefits Of Using Lightweight Marble Panels

When compared to tiles, lightweight marble panels are less time consuming to install than bathroom tiles. There are so many tiles that need to be individually installed and grouted that it can take up to several days to install properly. Our panels are much, much larger than standard bathroom tiles. This makes them much quicker to put up as they cover a bigger wall area.

Our panels are perfectly suited for use as bathroom flooring as well as decorating walls. Their high quality finish provides plenty of underfloor grip, so you won’t have to worry about any slips or spills once you’ve installed your marble flooring.

Most bathrooms tend to be in small enclosures rather than big open spaces and, while they will almost always have a window or skylight, sometimes do not get a great deal of natural light. This makes the room seem smaller and darker than it actually is. Picking a lighter shade of marble for your walls and flooring can create an illusion of space by increasing the brightness of the bathroom.

Another benefit of using lightweight marble panels in the bathroom is that they are exceptionally easy to clean. Unlike with tiles there is no grout line. Grouting can prove tricky to thoroughly clean. Mould and lime scale can form in these areas, and cause unsightly marks and stains. Properly sealed and treated marble prevents moisture from being locked in. Plus stains and spills can be swept away easily.

Where In Your Bathroom Can You Use Lightweight Marble Panels?

Grama Blend’s lightweight marble panels are extremely versatile and can be used anywhere in the bathroom. They can be installed as the ceiling or the walls. Lightweight marble panels can also be used as vanity tops or as an enclosure for the bathtub. The panels can also be used as the wall of the shower.

Lightweight marble panels can give your bathroom a touch of elegance or, if you would like to use marble panels as the enclosure of your bath, a bit of extravagance. Our panels are perfect for both commercial and domestic use, so for an added extra touch of glamour install some today.

If you would like to install lightweight marble panels in your bathroom you just need to contact our team on 01491 845835 or send an email to [email protected] we will be happy to discuss the ins and outs of your project and recommend you the right form of marble for your needs.